How Much Investment is Needed to Start PCD Pharma Company?

Investment Needed to Start PCD Pharma Company

The blog gives you a fair idea about investment needed to launch a PCD pharma company. The figures are to guide you. An expert opinion is always solicited.

“Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”

The cliché doesn’t hold good when you wish to launch a PCD pharma business. Here, you require perfect planning to arrange the essential funds.

Starting a business without investment is impossible.To know how much money is required, one needs accurate study.

You may decide to invest your personal funds or arrange finance from some institution. It depends on your convenience.

It is important to have a correct assessment of the total investment needs beforehand. You should seek some expert who can help in doing that.

How much Money needed to Start a PCD Pharma Company?

It depends on the size of the company. An average-sized company requires ten to fifteen lakhs of investment.

Broadly you need to divide it into three parts:

  • Initial investment
  • Investment in product inventory
  • Investment for a contingency plan

To run a PCD pharma company, you need to align several channel partners like doctors, company representatives, and associate companies.

Also, it is not a one-time investment, but you need to keep on arranging funds as your business grows. Until the company start earning profits; keep provisional budgets for the same.

Some big investment heads are:

  • Advance payment to product manufacturers
  • Credits to chemists, stokiests, and channel partners
  • Money for marketing and promotion of products
  • License money to launch PCD pharma company

Money needed to Start a Pharma Franchise Company

  • Cost of establishing the manufacturing unit: 10 to 50 lakh (depending on the business size)
  • Cost of hiring consultant: 5 lakh
  • Land: The cost depends on the area and other factors
  • License charges: 2 Lakh
  • Human resources: Depends on the size of the company

As mentioned earlier, several external factors influence the cost of establishing a PCD Pharma company. Thorough research is recommended before proceeding further.

The more you deep dive into it, you can do the planning accurately.


It is quite a lucrative business option to launch a PCD pharma company in India. Since the market is growing with tremendous pace, one should reap the maximum profits by entering the niche as early as possible.

The Return on Investment largely depends on the performance and profitability of the business. However, it can be boosted further by minimizing the operating expenses.

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